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Ulrich Muchenberger

Ulrich Muchenberger, Basel (Suiza), 1951

In 1994 Ulrich Müchenberger first discovered the phenomenon of light art. Synergistic combinations of light and color, changing or still, form the basis of his works. In 1995, the artist presented his first dynamic light project. Many other works followed, on the most diverse scale: from fundamental artistic lighting projects for architectural complexes (e.g. the National Museum in Copenhagen) to local light objects exhibited in galleries, even in the artist's homeland of Basel. In Müchenberger's works, both static and dynamic, there are always basic visual themes: the interplay between darkness and light in space and the optical effects of color combinations.

The compositions of light are enclosed in a strict geometric form, like ordinary paintings: they change their harmonies of color, intensity, brightness according to the program established by the author. The viewer is immersed in these images and landscapes that, in response to the artist's message, open our imagination. The author tells of his series: "By engaging in a dialogue with my works, the viewer's consciousness generates a response. This bridge between the emotional experience and its manifestation is the color, that is, the connection between the internal and the external ". Thus, each viewer opens his or her own visual world.

The color transitions in the artist's works change in a measured manner, with intervals of three and four minutes, which allows him to slowly consider all optical transformations and combinations. Visiting the exhibition, one can also appreciate the favorable arrangement of light objects in the interior, which is emphasized by the atmosphere of the "PROSVET" studio.



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