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Ken Matsubara

Ken Matsubara

Born in 1949 in Tokyo. Ken Matsubara graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1974. His work often examines our understanding of memory. Matsubara lives and works in Tokyo.

Ken Matsubara’s artworks attempt to explore the possibility of melting memories that reside deep within one's consciousness. These works are composed of recollective photographs and videos that consist antique objects embodied with memories. In his own words: “I believe motion images have the ability to call forth and express the fluctuating manner of recollective properties. Recollections, I presume, are genetically inherent in our DNA which contain vast knowledge from the past since antiquity. Furthermore these share a collective memory that extends beyond individual self and interpenetrates between the past and the present era. If we can recollect such memories, then I believe there is a potential for our future to ascend past the boundaries of cultural, historical, and social notions of individuality. Thus we are fluctuating between the past and the future in a state of repetition, ceaselessly inquiring its means without an end”.


Moon Bowl - Water Moon.png

Moon Bowl - Water Moon

Singing bowl of metal where an inside which an ipod is inserted that reproduces a video loop of a moon reflected in the water. This device is covered with a mirror, causing the viewer to feel that it is real water where the moon is reflected.